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Dear all, first I would like to express my sincere thanks to you for visiting my personal blog, now let me tell you through an overview of hearing myself okay.

To maintain and build this blog, I like many others, that have a strong passion for blogging, sharing and website development, especially in the open source WordPress.

Currently, his expertise is mostly focused on technical direction as WordPress Development Web Development, Front-End Development and also a bit about SEO techniques that are particularly SEO content, onpage.

I have a more fortunate than many others that have exposure to career opportunities quite early ( I started studying the code first in 11 years ) and before its inception this blog has had nearly 5 exposure and experience in working with WordPress source code along with a number of open source and closed like vBulletin , XtreMedia , Joomla but have to say that WordPress is what you love the most , for reasons that should now almost I just like to focus on specific research WordPress which is in favor of the development theme.

In addition to a passion for the field of web development , I also have a special interest in some hobby " haunting " as his walk , listening to classical music , astronomy research and specialized reading newspaper detective and law .

Before developing this blog , I have also developed a website / blog in favor of entertainment and technology , but because of the new age are doing great , easy to change perceptions should not exist and is not investment properly should have quickly faded . But with ThachPham.Com , this is a personal website that he had invested a lot of energy and matter and , in large part due to luck getting the support of many people , so I already have a faith strong determination to develop it properly , the most serious and sustained . We can say , this blog is the brainchild of its extremely large .

Currently in this blog , I have been and will continue to develop in the direction of sharing everything related to the main topics on the blog that I have accumulated many years of hard studying , working and constantly updated . So when you 're reading here , it means that you are listening to the heart , to share their experiences so they can be regarded as a word of thanks and gratitude to those who came before them his support to his ever get valuable knowledge today .

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